Pole Fitness Instructors

Our passion is pole and fitness and we love sharing our enthusiasm with our students.Our main goal is safe and achievable training that is fun for all fitness levels and our biggest reward is to see progression and happiness as students become stronger in their moves.



POLE Fitness Instructor

I have trained with many national and international pole stars such as: 

  • Dakota Fox
  • Miriam Wolanski
  • Andrea Ryff
  • Michelle Shimmy
  • Stacey Craven
  • Sammy Lee
  • David Aeon
  • Crystal Lai
  • Lou Landers
  • Miss Filly
  • Gracie Buntine
  • Estee Zakar 
  • Kristy Sellars
  • Yukari Makino Cooperstock
  • Enchanted
  • Kelly Yvonne
  • Justine McLucas
  • Sarah Kate (aerial artist)
  • Chris Talbot
  • Natalie Kashani
  • Widya Gondosaputro
  • Ella Rose (Circus Artist)
  • Sergia Louise Anderson
  • Lauren Chambers
  • Jess Leanne Norris

I was recognised and currently featured on Cleo The Hurricane's 'Flexy wall of Fame' in March 2014.

As soon as I came across Pole Dancing I was instantly hooked by this sport and it rapidly became my passion.

Pole Fitness is incredible, and enlightens us to the strength, confidence and beauty we hold within.
My Pole Dancing journey has changed my life for the better and I love to help students along their adventure through this amazing sport.


Pole fitness INSTRUCTOR


It has always been my passion to find a way to stay fit, healthy & build strength whilst enjoying what I do.
Through pole I found confidence in myself I never knew I had which made me thrive to become a Pole Fitness Instructor and be able to help others reach their goals as I did mine. Pole builds so much strength & flexibility & you have lots of fun and laughs. These are only some of the reasons why I love this sport. The most rewarding part of this career would have to be when you see the smiles on the students faces when they have reached the goals they have worked so hard for.






pole fitness instructor

I started at pole initally for the fitness benefits as I had never found another sport I enjoyed and was constantly looking for one that worked for me. I

19198509_10155509906631579_1404035767_n.jpgI instantly fell in love with pole fitness as a sport and
the community surrounding Pole Fitness Cairns and knew before the end of my very 

first class that I had found what i was looking for.

I enjoy the strength, challenges to my body and mind
and the changes it has brought me. The community surrounding PFC is always positive and welcoming and
I found myself never wanting to leave.

With teaching pole fitness and dance i really enjoy
seeing the pride on the faces of people reaching their goals and the confidence it brings them both mentally and physically and the happiness that you can see them feel when they do things they had never thought possible. 




Pole Fitness Instructor

I have always loves finding ways to stay fit that are interesting and fun - and what's more fun than dancing?! 

unnamedFor me the best thing about pole fitness and dancing is that it builds on so many different levels including strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, confidence and the list goes on. The second best thing is the crowd. There is such diversity in the people that do pole. I have trained with and taught people from the age of 6 to 60, men and women from different countries and backgrounds with the same aim in mind: to better themselves and have some fun.

Through regular training it is possible to be muscular and graceful at the same time. As we develop our skill by learning new movements and combinations we become more aware of our bodies and our boundaries: Only if we know our limits can we push them.

So what are you waiting for? Come and have a spin!






12001996 10156004974145332 832025335 oPole Fitness is awesome beacause it's personal. One person's goal is no better or worse than anyone else's. Whether you want to build your confidence, increase your fitness, have a little fun or spice things up, this sport can get you there.  

I started Pole Fitness in 2013 and like many others walking through the door on the first day is by far the hardest part...now i never want to leave!

Through pole i found strength, confidence and a passion i didn't know i had. I feel very privileged to help other's do the same through pole and grow our loving Pole Fitness Cairns family!

Through pole we create positive minds, lasting friendships and we help students find their strength and confidence. 

Passion is a journey and not a destination, start yours today!



Aussie Twerk Instructor

I have a passion for health and fitness and 
was always looking for fun ways to improve 17098215_1484335781576812_1031423502204547185_n.jpg
my fitness skills and workout and that's
where I found Aussie Twerk. 

I am a personal trainer and love being active, through pole fitness and twerking I have found a passion and outlet for my creativity and bubbly personality, and have gained the skills to expand my abilities and enjoy myself at the same time. 

I look forward to helping others grow and transform the way I have through fitness and booty shaking fun!