POLE Fitness Instructor

I have trained with many national and international pole stars such as: 

  • Dakota Fox
  • Miriam Wolanski
  • Andrea Ryff
  • Michelle Shimmy
  • Stacey Craven
  • Sammy Lee
  • David Aeon
  • Crystal Lai
  • Lou Landers
  • Miss Filly
  • Gracie Buntine
  • Estee Zakar 
  • Kristy Sellars
  • Yukari Makino Cooperstock
  • Enchanted
  • Kelly Yvonne
  • Justine McLucas
  • Sarah Kate (aerial artist)
  • Chris Talbot
  • Natalie Kashani
  • Widya Gondosaputro
  • Ella Rose (Circus Artist)
  • Sergia Louise Anderson
  • Lauren Chambers
  • Jess Leanne Norris

I was recognised and currently featured on Cleo The Hurricane's 'Flexy wall of Fame' in March 2014.

As soon as I came across Pole Dancing I was instantly hooked by this sport and it rapidly became my passion.

Pole Fitness is incredible, and enlightens us to the strength, confidence and beauty we hold within.
My Pole Dancing journey has changed my life for the better and I love to help students along their adventure through this amazing sport.