8 Week Courses

We won't be surprised if you quickly become addicted to pole dancing! (We all did!) If you're looking for more ways to get your next pole fix, why not check out some of the other classes we offer?

What's involved in 8 week courses?

If you're serious about learning to pole dance, Pole Fitness block courses are the way to go. Each week you will build on the moves you know, learning variations and extensions, as well as a variety of linking moves and combinations.

These courses are designed to take you through the levels, from Beginners 1 right though to Intermediate and Advanced, where you'll be pulling off acrobatics you'd only expect to see on stage! 8 week blocks are great because you will be learning with other people of the same skill level as you.

Beginners 1

Suitable for those with no prior experience. Learn our foundation level pole moves, including a variety of spins and a basic pole climb.

Read more: Beginners 1

Beginners 2

You'll learn more spins and static holds, as well as how to start linking them together. Students will also be prepping to invert (go upside down).

Read more: Beginners 2

Beginners 3

You will learn advanced spins and spin combos. We turn your world upside-down with Inversions and combine moves with aerial holds. 

Read more: Beginners 3

Intermediate 1

If you've made it this far, we figure you're addicted! In the Intermediate blocks you will learn a huge range of new gravity-defying holds, spins and tricks.

Read more: Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

With over 120 unique pole moves across our Intermediate curriculum (and we're still counting!), there is something for every pole dancer!

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Intermediate 3

By the time you reach Intermediate 3 you will doing a range of inverted tricks and combinations while developing your own ability to freestyle.

Read more: Intermediate 3


Advanced Inversions, Tricks and combinations, this level will prepare students for competitions and professional performing.

Read more: Advanced

Pole Power

This class focuses on strength based moves of a high difficulty level, predominantly those involving core and upper body strength.

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Some Words From Our Students...

To my lovely instructor Moni, you have been such an amazing/patient tutor! Us lady's at Pole Fitness are so lucky to have you. I don't think I would have ever came as close as I have with out you believing in me and pushing me each time to go one step further or try one more time until I got the move right! I remember the first time I done a pole class, not only did I struggle, but was scareddy cat! Looking back at the first moves now are so easy and come natural! Girls if you are looking to take the one step further in fitness and core strength see this amazing teacher! Moni goes that extra bit further with each and everyone of us individually to help you grow and strive! -- Amal Alghofiliy