Intermediate 2

With over 120 unique pole moves across our Intermediate curriculum (and we're still counting!), there is something for every pole dancer!

In this block we'll be concentrating on inverts, including a variety of inverted holds and poses, as well as some more advanced spins.

To make a stronger and more versatile dancer, various entries and exits will be taught from moves learnt in previous blocks. We will work on using different levels for your tricks from floor all the way up to the ceiling.

Strong emphasis is placed on technique, including the muscle groups used and pivot/ contact points of the body as you learn to execute these tricks with poise and control.

Check out some of the cool new moves you'll be learning:

Some Words From Our Students...

To my lovely instructor Moni, you have been such an amazing/patient tutor! Us lady's at Pole Fitness are so lucky to have you. I don't think I would have ever came as close as I have with out you believing in me and pushing me each time to go one step further or try one more time until I got the move right! I remember the first time I done a pole class, not only did I struggle, but was scareddy cat! Looking back at the first moves now are so easy and come natural! Girls if you are looking to take the one step further in fitness and core strength see this amazing teacher! Moni goes that extra bit further with each and everyone of us individually to help you grow and strive! -- Amal Alghofiliy