Casual Classes

We won't be surprised if you quickly become addicted to pole dancing! (We all did!) If you're looking for more ways to get your next pole fix, why not check out some of the other classes we offer?

What are Casual classes?

Boost your training, have some fun and learn something new. Casual classes are great fun and suitable for all levels. Your instructor will divide the class up by skill level or experience. Attendance is on a casual basis. Bookings are encouraged to avoid any disappointment.

We have a wide range of casual classes, from mixed level pole casuals, Choreography and Strength & Power classes. Check out the class descriptions below!

Pole Combos & Flow

This class is the perfect extra to accompany your pole journey.

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This class will help you bring out your inner mistress and learn to embrace your sexy side. 

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Dance Fit

Pole Fit Gym is a high-energy group fitness class with a vertical twist!

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Beginners Pole

Curious about pole fitness, but never done it before? Then this class is for you!

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Choreography Chaos

This class develops your dancing ability and personal style.

Read more: Choreography Chaos

Point & Flex

Focus on your flexibility while you get comfortable with pointing your toes that both become second nature.

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Pole Practice

Pole Practice times are available for students to come and practice at their own pace.

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Pole Fit

Pole Fit Gym is a high-energy group fitness class with a vertical twist!

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Pole Power Tricks

This class is open to all levels and develops your Pole skills by working on moves and combinations.

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Body Rock

If you want to improve your strength and pole stamina, this class if for you!

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Some Words From Our Students...

To my lovely instructor Moni, you have been such an amazing/patient tutor! Us lady's at Pole Fitness are so lucky to have you. I don't think I would have ever came as close as I have with out you believing in me and pushing me each time to go one step further or try one more time until I got the move right! I remember the first time I done a pole class, not only did I struggle, but was scareddy cat! Looking back at the first moves now are so easy and come natural! Girls if you are looking to take the one step further in fitness and core strength see this amazing teacher! Moni goes that extra bit further with each and everyone of us individually to help you grow and strive! -- Amal Alghofiliy