February Workshops


Visiting Pole Artist - Crystal Lai and Estee Zakar

Pole Fitness Cairns will be hosting two amazing pole artists to share their tricks, technique and enthusiasm for this sport.


Crystal Lai & Estee Zakar Workshops


Tuesdsay 4.2.14             Crystal Lai   5:30pm  Polesque  $70 p/p


                                        Estee Zakar  6:30pm Choreography Challenge & Crash Course  $80 p/p


 Wednesday 5.2.14         Crystal Lai Estee Zakar 7:00pm Acro Balance & Double Pole 
 $70p/p (FREE)

*Any Students participating in both workshops will receive the third workshop for FREE - what a great opportunity

crystal and estee


Polesque (Exotic Pole Flow) – ALL LEVELS  
- This workshop is designed for those that want to put on a pair of heels and get in touch with their sexy side. Through this workshop, Crystal will show you various floor moves combined with other techniques to move your body. Have you always wanted to let your inner sexy goddess come out and have fun for an hour? Well, this is it for you. Feel free to bring a cute little outfit and your favourite set of heels and dance to a sultry routine.



Choreography Challenge & Crash Course - ALL LEVELS
- How to get started on choreography or how to make it easier to put together a routine. Step by step we learn choreography with tricks, spins, floor work and transitions to help get you to flow using your own style and challenging you to put it all together! This is a great workshop for those thinking about performing, competing or just want to take their love of pole to the next level.


Acro Balance & Double Pole
- Have you always wanted to try out some doubles acrobatics on the floor and on the pole? This workshop is designed for those that are wanting to get into partner work! We will start by going through some ‘trust test’ to develop the fundamental partner chemistry then progress into more intense partner acro balance both on and off the pole. The workshop will finish up with some of the most well-known doubles move seen in pole dancing!