Our Instructors and Students will be defying gravity at the North Pacific Body Building Championships this May 26th. Training and practice has begun, if you are interested in getting involved we would love to have your support. We need volunteers to share this sport and to show our community that Pole is achievable to everyone.

We need - Dancers, support crew, photographers, make-up artists, imagination :-) Join the fun in any way you can.

Performance meets are on Saturdays at 2pm - Pole Performance & Dance Class


1 June 2012: Cairns Beach House Performance Showcase

Pole Fitness Cairns are often involved with local charities and events, our performers can be seen throughout various venues around town showing off their tricks and having a great time.

26 May 2012: Salt House Performance Showcase

As the Sun sets over the Sea our troop bring unique entertainment to the Sunday session at the classy seafront Bar and Restaurant 'The Salthouse'.

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