7 October 2012: Step Up 2 The Pole Competition

Step Up 2 The Pole is North Queensland's Talent Quest for X-Factor Pole Fitness. Hosted by Pole Fitness Cairns we are searching for dancers that will rock the pole.

Come and support the pole fitness competitors at the Step Up 2 The Pole competition. Be amazed by our special guests doubles routine. From 6pm at the North Pacific Body Building Championships, Brothers Leagues Club, Anderson Street.

Pole Fitness Cairns is pleased to announce that Travis Scott- Ultimate World Pole Champion- Doubles Division 2012 and Chris Talbot 2012 INBA Brisbane Classic Male Fitness Model Champion will be guest performers at the 'Step Up 2 The Pole' Competition, October 7th.

Hosted by Pole Fitness Cairns the Step Up 2 The Pole Competition invites pole enthusiasts to combine their grooves and moves with pole. This is an open competition welcoming amateurs and students.

The competition is judged by members of the audience and there are three titles to be had.

  1. Strength & Power - the ability to hold and maintain strength moves, lifts, poses and pole mounts.
  2. X- Factor - ability to freestyle and link pole tricks together in own and unique style.
  3. Overall - aerial moves and combinations, pole links and tricks.

There are trophies and prizes up for grabs, audience members are not judging your technical pole skills but rather how your dance style is perceived by the audience. So don't be shy this is your opportunity to get out and give it a go.

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