Step Up 2 The Pole Competition Results

What a jam-packed weekend of activities we had here at Pole Fitness Cairns!

Pole Fitness Cairns would like to say a big thank you to Travis Scott and Chris Talbot for holding several workshops over the weekend at Pole Fitness Cairns. We all had an amazing time - new moves, new tricks and sore abs from laughing so hard.

Thank you guys for being equally passionate about a broad range of moves - from beginner to advanced. We all now have a new source of inspiration and plenty of new moves to work on.

Pole Fitness Cairns is looking forward to seeing both of you in the near future.

The culmination of our amazing weekend was the Step Up 2 The Pole and the North Pacific Body Building Championships held at Brothers Leagues Club on 7 October 2012.

The Cairns community absolutely loved the Step Up 2 The Pole competitors. All participants have displayed amazing strength, grace and creativity in their performances. This competition was not judged on competitors' technical skills, but more on their dance style and ability to connect with the audience.

The results are as follows:

  • Strength & Power Champion - Daniele Panetta 
  • Overall Champion - Alana Pranskunas
  • X-Factor - Chris Talbot
  • Guest performer - Travis Scott

Chris Talbot's Performance

Travis Scott's Performance